• RMTs and JOINTs (a point of articulation between two or more bones ☠️)

    CHIROPRACTORS provide joint 💠MANIPULATION (Grade V): which is a passive, HIGH velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) THRUST applied to a joint complex. Moving the joints of the spine beyond a pers...

  • PART ✌🏼
    📋🖊To assess the effectiveness of a joint Ⓜ️obilization, post treatment measurements of change in Active Range of Motion (AROM) and Passive Range of Motion (PROM) are assessed.
    Subjective reports on where the pain falls on a 1-10 pain scale are us...

"Pitter-patter, let's get at'er"
I was so excited to become a Practitioner, to jump on the bandwagon of Continuing Education and develop all the hands on and practical capabilities that I could, that I completely took for granted the other half of the equation-busine...

Can kinesiology tape really help?
The answer is YES. Injury, muscular imbalances, or poor posture can all be indications for getting some taping work done
Most of us live our lives in front of us. This could include habits developed through working at a desk job, d...

Want to lift heavier and reduce your chance of injury?
A study posted in the European Spine Journal reveals that those suffering from low back pain are less likely to recruit and contract the multifidus muscles when performing coordination, stabilization, and strengt...

January 8, 2017

What is an RMT?

RMT Qualifications

A Registered Massage Therapist (RMT):

-Must graduate from an accredited 2300 Hour Diploma Program with a minimum average of 70%

-Must successfully complete four Provincial Board Examinations in the areas of:

  • -Clinical Science and Theo...

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