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TJ Fix - Registered Massage Therapy

My approach focuses on treating the body as a whole, restoring function and mobility by identifying and clearing restrictions at the root cause.

Services & Rates


Consultation                      FREE

30 Minute Session           $50.00

60 Minute Session         $100.00

90 Minute Session         $140.00

Functional Assessment 

Finds imbalance and weakness in your movement patterns

Swedish Massage

Kneading and deep stroking of muscles to flush metabolites and decrease stress

Myofascial Release

Technique used to increase glide between muscles and decrease fascial restrictions

Neuromuscular Therapy 

Deep tissue muscle stripping and trigger point release to increase circulation and muscle health

1040 Richter Street | Kelowna, BC

(250) 681 7096

Postural Education

Small changes in every day living to improve your posture and health

Therapeutic Exercise

Corrective exercises to take charge of your health and shorten recovery time

Direct Billing available for:
-Blue Cross
-Medavie Blue Cross
-Sun Life
-Great-West Life
-Industrial Alliance
-Johnson Inc.
-Standard Life
-Green Shield

Joint Mobilization

Low velocity joint mobilization to increase space and fluid to your joints

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