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Registered Massage Therapy


Clinical Massage Therapy means that together we find the root cause of your issue in order to effectively and efficiently target the problem and get you where you want to be.

Your first treatment will include:

-Review of treatment goals and plan

-Postural assessment and identification of imbalances

-Orthopaedic and Neurological testing

-Expected outcome and prognosis



Treatments incorporate a variety of techniques and approaches as determined by the ongoing assessment of your condition. *NOTE* This is a clothed session as TJ treats without oils or lotions.


Functional Assessment

Locates imbalances and weakness in your movement patterns

Neuromuscular Therapy

Deep tissue muscle release to increase circulation and muscle health

Myofascial Release

Technique used to increase glide between muscles and decrease retrictions between muscles and muscle groups

Joint Mobilization

Low velocity joint mobilization to increase space and fluid to joints to improve range of motion and joint health

Therapeutic Exercise

Corrective exercises to take charge of your health and shorten recovery time


Postural Reeducation

Small changes in every day living to improve your posture and health

Every treatment will begin with assessment in order to properly track and document your progress.

Treatment will conclude with reassessment and corrective exercises and modifications to daily living necessary to shorten recovery time.



Work with an RMT in a way that is specifically tailored to your sport or to your injury. functional testing, orthopaedic testing, and muscle testing allows us to pinpoint your problem areas in order to clear any mobility or strength restrictions you have at the root cause.

Sports Massage Therapy can include both invigorating and flushing techniques to prepare you for an event or workout, or clear out any metabolic build-up from exercise and movement.

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