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Want to lift heavier and reduce your chance of injury?

Want to lift heavier and reduce your chance of injury? . A study posted in the European Spine Journal reveals that those suffering from low back pain are less likely to recruit and contract the multifidus muscles when performing coordination, stabilization, and strength exercises. The multifidus muscles fill up the groove on either side of the spinous processes of the vertebrae running up along the length of the spine. . When properly activated and in balance with the surrounding musculature, this muscle group makes each vertebrae work more effectively and reduces degeneration of the joint structure caused by friction from routine physical activity . Already have back pain? It could be that while your multifidi were off slacking, bigger postural muscles like the erector groups were doing all the stability work, got jacked, and are now pulling at your lumbar vertebrae and pelvis joints. These muscles can be released by manual therapy techniques such as neuromuscular therapy, and returned to balance with corrective therapeutic exercise. . No back pain? Let’s keep it that way! Preventative therapeutic exercises can target and train these deep and often forgotten rotational muscles to lower your chance of suffering from low back pain and injury. . Book in to see what an RMT can do for you . Capture: @adamrubyphotography . @yoga4neuro is progressing through her core and rotational stability exercises, demonstrating here “Bird Dog”. Way to go Kelsey! . Study: Danneels LA “Differences in electromyographic activity in the multifidus muscle and the iliocostalis lumborum…” (2002)

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