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(250) 681 7096
(250) 681 7096


*NEW* Starting Oct 1;Practicing out of
#303 - 1890 Cooper Rd | Orchard Plaza | Kelowna

TJ Fix is a Registered Massage Therapist, a member of SportMed BC, and B.C.’s former Provincial Representative on the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Executive Association.

He is also a past competitive trampoline gymnastics athlete (having represented Team B.C. at both domestic and international meets) and an avid soccer player who is always looking for different ways to challenge himself and learn in the process. 

TJ’s treatment style focuses on alignment and connective tissue integration, incorporating myofascial and neuromuscular techniques. Working with anyone from Olympians and NHL Players, to weekend warriors and people passionate about their journey to improving their mobility has been, and continues to be, his dream come true.

What should you expect when booking in with TJ? Prepare for something different! TJ works without oils or lotions and takes an approach to treating the body focused on mobility and joint restriction. TJ assesses and treats the body and its movements as a whole, believing that effective rehabilitation combines a variety of techniques and approaches to treat symptoms at their root cause.


I am blown away with the experience I had with TJ Fix as our RMT. He is incredibly insightful, effective and sensitive to reading my body. I not only felt extremely relaxed throughout my experience but I feel as though TJ is focused on treating me long term to relieve my muscle tension with his in depth knowledge and customized techniques.


Thrilled to have such an amazing RMT offering a service so accommodating with our schedules.

Yuriko L.

TJ Fix fixed up my neck after a rough hockey fight!
Just one session and I was 100% again, highly recommended!

Meg M.

I have only had one visit and he really worked wonders on my shoulders! Hes very knowledgeable and broke down everything he was doing so I could understand it. He gave me some stretches and mobility techniques to continue doing at home. I can't wait to return in two weeks! I highly recommend him!

Jessica S.

I have gone several times to TJ and it's always been so good for my body. Great massage and he gave me the right stretches to keep loose.

Erik L.

What am I upto?

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