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Can kinesiology tape really help?

Can kinesiology tape really help? . The answer is YES. Injury, muscular imbalances, or poor posture can all be indications for getting some taping work done . Most of us live our lives in front of us. This could include habits developed through working at a desk job, driving, computer use-even cycling or running. The training and upkeep of muscle balance becomes critically important to power, endurance-even organ and respiratory health . RockTape (a brand of kinesiology tape that I use) works by distributing physical stress, and creating space for tissues by lifting the skin away from the muscle and the underlying superficial fascia. This helps to decompress the area and can even help to reduce swelling by improving circulation of superficial blood and lymph . Additionally, RockTape offers the muscles a silent tactile reminder to cue good posture and form. In addition to the playing back of your homecare given by your RMT in your mind; “Roll those shoulders back. Put your shoulder blades in your back pocket”, this intelligent application of adhesive tape will communicate directly with the muscles through the central nervous system via skin proprioceptors. NEAT. . With an RMT's knowledge of anatomy and their experience in spotting imbalances, we can landmark the adhesive tape on the appropriate soft tissue structures following principles of muscle pull, fibre direction and antagonist/agonist relationships to offer you the most relief and the best performance. . The best part about kinesiology taping? If you don’t like it - take it off! It’s an accessory to treatment that can do wonders for your rehabilitation, muscle setting, or pain management. And it’s essentially risk free! So what are you waiting for? Come and see me before a workout and see if taping is right for you. . Capture: @adamrubyphotography

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